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Looking for plexi corona screens?

In-house production, fast delivery, customised opening possible.

Protect yourself, employees and customers with plexi corona screens

In the aftermath of corona, social distancing remains a constant. As a leading company in plastics, Metaplex cannot stay behind when it comes to plexi corona screens. We produce all corona screens for you in our own workshop. This allows us to deliver your ordered plexiglass corona screens quickly, and customised solutions are possible in addition to standard sizes: a prevention screen with or without opening, with or without support feet, ... in any desired size and always in clear and high-quality plexiglass. If required, we can make cut-outs to allow products or goods to be passed through safely.

For which applications can we supply Plexiglas corona screens?

  • Reception / Welcome Area

  • Office / Between Desks

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Nail Studios

  • Hairdressers

  • Cash Registers

  • Pharmacy

  • Waiting Rooms

  • Other Purposes

Plexiglass: the strong, light see-through solution

  • Plexiglass is half the weight of glass

  • Plexiglass is also 25 times stronger than ordinary glass

  • A Plexiglas screen offers protection against airborne viruses without blocking sight and light

Would you like to order a  plexiglass corona screen to be used as a screen, splash guard, prevention screen or dividing wall? 

Contact Metaplex immediately for all your questions and orders.

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